LCEDA Staff and Board of Directors


Jack Qualls, Executive Director

Blair Patterson SitzlarAdministrative Liaison


Board Members

Buddy Bradshaw, Chairman
Loudon County Mayor

Jeff Harris, Vice Chairman

City of Loudon Mayor

John Evans, Treasurer

Representing Committee of 100

Eddie Simpson
Representing Lenoir City Council

Gary Whitfield
Representing Loudon County Commission

Jeff Harris

City of Loudon Mayor

Rodney Grugin

Loudon County Chamber of Commerce

John Harrison

Representing Greenbelt Property Owners

Bruce Giles
Member at Large


Executive Committee 

Buddy Bradshaw, Loudon County Mayor

Tony Aikens, City of Lenoir City Mayor

Jeff Harris, City of Loudon Mayor

John Evans, LCEDA BOD Treasurer

Ex-Officio Board Members

Ty Ross, City Manager
City of Loudon

Amber Scott Kelso, City Administrator
City of Lenoir City

Shannon Littleton, Manager
Lenoir City Utilities Board

Chairman, Loudon County Chamber of Commerce